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529 People Sentenced to Death by Egyptian Court

2014-03-24 - March, 24 2014    By Jordan Moses
529 People Sentenced to Death by Egyptian Court
    In one of the largest capital punishment cases on record, an Egyptian court has sentenced 529 people to death. The supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi were convicted of killing a police officer, attempting to murder two other officers and attacking a Nile Valley police station. Morsi, who was ousted by a military coup, was the first democratically elected leader. Only 16 people were acquitted. Egypt's current leaders are backed by the military and are intent on silencing opposition after Morsi was ousted. The defense was never given access to the evidence presented against the defendants and the conviction came after only two court sessions. The defense intends to appeal and the execution cannot take place until confirmed by the country's top religious authority...

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