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Artic Chill in U.S. Causes Frostbite Concerns

2014-01-06 - January, 6 2014    By Jordan Moses
Artic Chill in U.S. Causes Frostbite Concerns
    With wind chills below zero forecast for half of the Lower 48 in Washington, D.C. by Tuesday morning, millions of people will have to think about bundling up for the Artic chill that is sweeping across the States. In fact, extreme temperatures are causing such a scare that potential frostbite has become a concern. Tips for avoiding frostbite, which can develop in half an hour or less, include making sure noses, fingers, toes and ears are not exposed, since those body parts have less blood circulation. Doctors report that quick fixes like drinking alcohol to "warm up" can actually cause more harm since it ends up cooling a person faster by dilating blood vessels near the surface of the skin. Also, it is better to gently warm frozen skin as opposed to rubbing it. If a person does get frostbite, doctors advise that they take off rings and jewelry, as frostbite leads to swelling. The most important thing is to get out of the elements, so injuries can begin warming up again...

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