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Boy Assassin Released, Leaves Mexico for U.S.

2013-11-26 - November, 26 2013    By Jordan Moses
Boy Assassin Released, Leaves Mexico for U.S.
    Three years after the arrest of a 14-year-old boy for acting as an assassin for a gang in Mexico, Edgar Jimenez, now 17, is reportedly heading back to the United States after his release. Jimenez, nicknamed El Ponchis - "The Cloak" - was arrested in 2010 as he and his sisters were trying to escape Mexico and seek refuge in San Diego where he was born. The boy claimed that he had begun killing people after being kidnapped at age 11. He was found guilty of slitting the throats of four people and had footage on his phone and on YouTube. Jimenez told police that crimes were done out of fear for his life and that he was being paid $200 a week. Officials decided to return Jimenez to the U.S. out of fears that gang members might kill him...

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