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'Breaking Bad' Aaron Paul to Star in 'Hellion'

2014-01-22 - January, 22 2014    By Jordan Moses
'Breaking Bad' Aaron Paul to Star in 'Hellion'
    What do dirt bikes, Metallica and Jesse Pinkman have in common? Aaron Paul, the 'Breaking Bad' veteran, is working on a new project: a feature-length expansion of Kat Chandler's 2012 Sundance selected-short, 'Hellion.' In the film, Paul will play Hollis, a destroyed man who is left to care for his two boys after losing his wife. Hollis' motor-cross obsessed metalhead kids trespass, vandalize and get up to general mischief in a small Texas town, which eventually causes Child Protective Services to get involved. Hollis will have to fight to keep his fragmented family from crumbling completely...

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