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Comedian Opens Parody Coffee shop, 'Dumb Starbucks'

2014-02-14 - February, 14 2014    By Jordan Moses
Comedian Opens Parody Coffee shop, 'Dumb Starbucks'
    A parody coffee shop opened in Los Angeles called "Dumb Starbucks" has been revealed to belong to Canadian TV comedian Nathan Fielder. The shop has the same branding as Starbucks with the exception of the word "dumb," a fact that Fielder says protects the shop under "parody law." Starbucks is aware of the shop and planning legal action due to copyright infringement. After giving out free drinks at the shop, Fielder made a public announcement that he owned the shop and planned to open a second outlet in Brooklyn, New York. After the announcement, the cafe was shut down for operating without a valid public health permit...

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