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Federal Judge Strikes Down Chicago Ban on Guns

2014-01-07 - January, 7 2014    By Jordan Moses
Federal Judge Strikes Down Chicago Ban on Guns
    A federal judge ruled that gun dealers can set up shop in Chicago, declaring the city's ban on firearms sales unconstitutional. The ordinance, passed in 2010, forbade gun shops and prohibited gun owners from taking firearms outside their homes. U.S. District Court Judge Edmond E. Chang delayed the ruling of his 35-page opinion, giving the city a chance to appeal, but lawyers for the Illinois Association of Firearm Retailers were quick to predict that gun stores could open before the end of the year. Advocates for the ban argued it made it harder for criminals to have access to guns, while Chang appealed to the Second Amendment as a defense. Statewide, a law on private gun sales requires a seller to check a buyer's credentials before purchase...

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