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Mississippi Passes Controversial Religious Freedom Bill

2014-04-04 - April, 4 2014    By Jordan Moses
Mississippi Passes Controversial Religious Freedom Bill
    Legislators in Mississippi passed a controversial religious freedom bill, the Mississippi Religious Restoration Act, on Tuesday that allows state residents to "sue over laws they say place a substantial burden on their religious practices." Proponents of the bill say it substantiates religious freedom while opponents say it could stifle gay rights and civil liberties groups. Two earlier versions of the bill had to go through major revisions before it was resurrected in a conference committee last week; language was changed that civil rights groups were against. One provision of the bill, under the insistence of Gov. Phil Bryant, is that the words "In God We Trust" would be added to the state flag. Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, said the bill "simply bars government discrimination against religious exercise."..

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