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Plushenko Withdraws from Men's Figure Skating Event

2014-02-13 - February, 13 2014    By Jordan Moses
Plushenko Withdraws from Men's Figure Skating Event
    After aggravating a back injury during practice, Russian Evgeny Plushenko skated to the judges' table and withdrew from the Winter Olympics men's figure skating event. The two-time gold medalist had a back injury coming into the games, but took pain killers and was determined to skate until a triple lutz left him in disrepair. Plushenko waved to his fans after withdrawing and announced his retirement from the sport an hour later. This is the first time Russia will not be represented in the event. Many were upset that Plushenko advanced to skate in the men's competition when he knew he had an injury, saying that he took a spot away from a healthy skater. ..

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