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The Creation Vs. Evolution Debate

2014-02-07 - February, 7 2014    By Jordan Moses
The Creation Vs. Evolution Debate
    Scientist Bill Nye and creationist Ken Ham participated in a two-hour debate on creationism versus evolution, drawing more than 500,000 viewers on Tuesday. The debate video has been viewed more than 830,000 times on Youtube and has sparked an online conversation that is still being disputed. Both Nye and Ham have critics. Many Christians are making the argument that Christianity does not rule out evolution, while other critics, such as Michael Schulson of "The Daily Beast," are arguing that Nye's participation reduced "substances issues to mere spectacle." According to a poll on Britain's Christian Today website, 92 percent of people found Nye the "winner." The answer options for the question of who "won" the debate did not include "neither."..

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