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Tons of Toxic Coal-Ash Spills into NC River

2014-02-05 - February, 5 2014    By Jordan Moses
Tons of Toxic Coal-Ash Spills into NC River
    More than 50,000 tons of coal ash drained into the Dan River after a stormwater pipe burst at a plant owned by Duke Energy in Eden, North Carolina. The leak has been stopped for now though Duke is working on a permanent solution. Dan River Steam Station is one of several locations where earthen basins are used to store coal ash, a toxic byproduct of coal burning. The Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC) has called for Duke to remove ash from the antiquated pits to more secured lined ponds since they are near N.C.'s waterways. Coal-fired plants not only bring potential harm through coal-ash spillage, but also cause air pollution and dump tons of waste into landfills, ponds or mines every year. The EPA is considering federal regulations for coal ash disposal by Dec. 2014...

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