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Vermont Cafe Goes Screen-Free, Sales Still Booming

2014-04-10 - April, 10 2014    By Jordan Moses
Vermont Cafe Goes Screen-Free, Sales Still Booming
    Jodi Whalen did the unthinkable in her Vermont Bakery & Cafe, she turned off the Wi-Fi and banned laptops; now business is booming. When Whalen first opened August First Bakery & Cafe four years ago, she noticed the influx of students coming in and staring at screens for hours while customers who came in looking for a table couldn't find one. She decided to fix the problem by declaring the cafe 'screen-free' with a sign that says, "Reading, day dreaming and chit chatting encouraged." Surprisingly enough, sales have increased because according to Whalen, it's less about what customers buy while they're in the cafe and more about table space. She also said she did it for community reasons, trying to cut down on the "blank stares" around the room. For now, smart phone users are still in the clear...

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