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Water Levels in Great Lakes are Unusually Low

2014-02-03 - February, 3 2014    By Jordan Moses
Water Levels in Great Lakes are Unusually Low
    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources announced that the water levels of the Great Lakes and other Wisconsin bodies of water that comprise a 13-year cycle in which water levels rise and fall, are unusually low. Water levels in Wisconsin lakes, which usually trend six years up then six years down, have been getting lower since 1988 with only one brief rise between 2002 and 2003. The study, published in Geophysical Research Letters, showed that the circumglobal teleconnection (CGT), or narrow, high-altitude wind, has been stuck in a position that means less rainfall for Wisconsin. The CGT's position combined with warmer temperatures allows more evaporation to occur and more water to escape. But scientists are hopeful that 2014 will bring a better year for the lakes with an early freeze in November...

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