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World's First Self-Driving Car Now Commercially Available

2014-01-07 - January, 7 2014    By Jordan Moses
World's First Self-Driving Car Now Commercially Available
    France-based robotics company Induct made an announcement Monday that they can do what Google has been trying to do for years - they released an intelligent, electric and driverless vehicle now available in the U.S. The Navia shuttle, which can carry up to eight people, launched at the 2014 International CES show in Las Vegas. The car costs about $250,000, and will most likely be used at airports, college campuses, theme parks and sports arenas as opposed to home use to eliminate pollution. "Users can summon Navia from their smartphones... or call it up from their desktop," according to a company representative. Once boarded, passengers can use a touchpad to choose where they want to go. The vehicle can't go faster than 12.5 mph, can travel on any surface, and uses lasers and sensors to detect obstacles in its path...

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